Scalp hair transplantation is by far the most done and sought-after procedure that Dr. Bruno and his team perform. 

On a first consultation, Dr. Bruno will take your medical history and evaluate your hair loss, carefully observing your scalp and hair under a microscope, in order to better assess your case.

When hair transplant surgery is the best treatment for your condition, Dr. Bruno, after careful evaluation and understanding of your wishes and concerns, will perform a series of tests and measurements of your scalp and hair.

The hair and scalp is examined under a microscope and measured using a micrometer to assess it’s thickness and to understand how it may be used in the best way to give maximum coverage to the area in need, whilst still keeping the donor area safely conserved.

The afflicted areas will be measured and drawn. Be it your hairline, crown, midscalp, part, frontal-temporal recession or any other area you are concerned with. Dr. Bruno, bearing in mind your concerns, will propose for you the best, most aesthetically pleasing way of reconstructing these areas. Everything is photo-documented for later assessment (and for the beloved memories, ahhh).