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Eyebrow reconstruction is a particularly demanding work in terms of aesthetic design and finesse. Very fine and medium hair is harvested from your occipital or parietal area, in order to match your eyebrows.

Extremely careful placement with even smaller implanters than those used for scalp hair is made, with attention to the steep angulation of the hair, as well as matching the very specific natural design of the eyebrow. 



Beard hair has become more and more common and beard hair transplant has become a more sought-after procedure each year. Hair can be harvested from your occipital area or even from the beard itself, allowing for a better distribution of your beard hair.

Some people have a very thick neck beard but very patchy cheek hair. This is an ideal candidate for beard-to-beard transplantation. 

Others will need to extract from their scalp hair. This is a very viable and aesthetically pleasing option.