FUE - Follicular Unit Excision - is a method of extracting naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs (called follicular units) from the scalp or other parts of the face and body for later transplantation into areas where they are wanted/needed. This extraction is usually done using a circular scalpel, called a punch. It can either be done using a manual or motorized punch.

When it comes to scalp hair transplantation, extraction in done within an area called the Safe Donor Area, which is an area in the occipital-parietal scalp that is not subject to androgenic alopecia (some exceptions apply). This is the hair used to reconstruct or restore the areas in need of hair.

It is virtually scarless, as the scars left by a very small punch are usually very tiny and imperceptible even with hair as short as five millimeters.

For this procedure, hair must be shaven down to less than a millimeter to permit extraction, as it must fit inside the punch.


Dr. Bruno usually uses serrated, stainless steel punches, measuring 0.8 millimeters in diameter (outer edge measured), but may opt for a different one if he feels it is the most appropriate choice for your case. Punches up to 0.9mm or as low as 0.7mm, or made of other materials like titanium, straight, ultra-sharp or blunted edge are within our arsenal for us to tackle your case in the best way possible. Incredible precision and dexterity is needed to ensure the harvesting of perfectly integral follicular units. 


Motorized FUE Extraction

Dr. Bruno’s rotor of choice is the K38 Marathon SEAGASD as it is a powerful, modern, versatile yet very nimble rotor. The handle has a very smooth operation, allowing for maximum precision in both angulation and depth. Usually lowers speeds are preferred, but a higher RPM may be needed for certain cases. 


Manual FUE Extraction


For the purist, who wants an old-school (yet very proven) way of extraction, extraction can be done manually. Dr. Bruno has performed strictly manual FUE for many years and is every bit as skilled in manual FUE as in motorized. However, due to the heavier workload for his hands, Manual FUE may take slightly more time.